03/29/2012 - (DAY 34) Today I have returned to walking around my neighborhood. I walked a little under a mile today and I was very tired. My energy level was very decreased when I returned. I have read that some people at this stage have returned to doing yoga or palates. I have not tried these exercises yet and I did not do them before. I did however walk 3 miles a day and hope to get back into that maybe even a zoomba class or two. But I believe for me this it is to soon. I am however able to do do most household activities except for vacuuming - I am going to stay away from this for awhile.

5th Week Post -op: Trying to clean up around this house. I have been doing laundry for a few weeks now. I do not carry the basket I pull it. I have put a belt around the handle and I drag it behind me as I walk through the house. Today I am going to do some spring cleaning. I know several people have already gone back to work and are doing fine, well house work is my job today. Hope all goes well and no pain - I'll let yo know.

4th Week Post-op: Still a little to soon, but not as bad. Another basketball tournament, this time I tried not to yell as much and not to jump up and down. I did however run down a set of bleachers and across a basketball court. My youngest got hurt and had to go to the hospital. He will be fine just a bad sprain. Went to the Oaks Mall - way to soon, all that walking and I am exhausted. Traveling back home for some rest and relaxation.

3rd Week Post-op: A lot to soon; I went to my sons basketball tournament long days and even longer nights. I do not recommend jumping up and screaming. My stomach is killing me and I lost my voice. I also tried to do yard work a little at a time. It might have been a little to soon for the raking and pulling weeds - the pain is a little much.

2nd Week Post-op: I tried to do as much as I could without hurting myself. I found myself going shopping with my mom to TJ Max for candles and lotions. She came up to help me on the weekend.My dad took me to lunch and to my doctors appointments. As I as mot driving yet.

1st Week Post-op : Not much activity here, I mostly sat in my recliner and tried to not be in much pain. I did however walk. My mom came up toward the end of the week. We did venture out to the stores for some shopping.

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